The New Revamp UNA!

World Best Community Token

UNAGI.Finance has evolved and revamp our UNAGI to UNA to serve the community better! Plus Fun! UNA token will combine all features of Deflationary, Buy-back Mechanism, Static rewards, Jackpot and also Lucky Draw in near future! UNA also improved by adding hyper-deflationary protocol which will increase holders' token and automatic burn token when DEX trades happen. Simply just join our UNA, invite and earn!

*Set Slippage 12%*


Automated Rewards!

UNA is excited to serve more UNA to holders! UNA act as a new deflationary plus gamification community token designed to become more sustainable over time. Just simple hold UNA and 2% of the fee will be distributed will automatically to all holders and send to your wallet when transaction happen.

Auto Buy-Back & Burn
Auto Buy-Back & Burn

Every transaction will trigger burn action and buy-back UNA

Lock Liquidity
Lock Liquidity

Most of the UNA LP will be locked in Major Locker

Reward Holding
Reward Holding

2% of fee for each transaction distributed to all holders, just hold and you will earn passively

Community Project
Community Project

UNA tools such as Tamago AI, Farm, Referral Program and Lucky Draw to boost popularity

Auto-Compounding Farm

You are right! UNA has its own Auto-Compounding Farm that will compound for your Liquidity Pool to get more rewards other than UNA! Furthermore, UNA holder can refer more friends to join our staking vault to earn LP tokens from Pancake Staking or others platform. You will be eligible to earn 30% of each referral's withdrawing fee.

Auto Compound Farm
Auto Compound Farm

Our farm is Auto-Compounding which can maximized your staking and rewarded with more LP token

Referral Program
Referral Program

Get 30% from referral's withdraw fee rewarded when your friends and family deposited any eligible vault

UNA Jackpot
(Activated Only When Jackpot Pool Accumulated > 100 BNB)
UNA Jackpot

The highest new referral to deposit into vault for that dat will win 10% of the Jackpot Pool

Lucky Draw
(Activated Only When Jackpot Pool Accumulated > 100 BNB)
Lucky Draw

4 lucky winners wins 0.5% of Jackpot Pool + winners' direct referrer will earn 30% of the rewards

Our Tokenomic

Buy Back Fees
Marketing Fees
UNA Holders
(Activated Only When Jackpot Pool Accumulated > 100 BNB)
Total Supply

UNA Total Supply (No More Presales):

1 Billion

  • DxSale Presale Contract Address (Burned - 0x5E14a69291B96142755A9e50Dc359cf2Ff482A89) - 80.54% (805,371,841 UNA)
  • PancakeSwap LP - 0.01%
  • Unagi Community Reservation - approx. 19.45%
  • (Community Fair Launch)

UNA Unique Point

UNA Unique Point

This table uses publicly available information as reference and makes no warranties or guaranteed as to the accuracy of the information provided. If you have any information that would help ensure this table is accurate, please contact us in telegram or twitter. We're welcome to help!

Swap Your Old Unagi to UNA Today!

UnagiSwap Finance will be preparing simple swap for all UNAGI holders to swap to UNA. Be prepared to accept UNA now!

Your UNAGI Balance: 0 UNAGI

(Reminder: Each user is only allowed to swap once. All UNAGI holding will be converted to UNA with ratio 489,724 UNAGI : 1 UNA)

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Our UNA Documentation

You can find our whitepaper, our community project details and audit below so you're confident with UNA!

Our very first UnagiSwap Community's Project is Launch!

Introduce TamagoAI, the first community tools that help you automated scalping trading while making a profit.

Tamago AI

*Disclaimer for Tamago AI

This tools does not provide any investment or financial advice, all decision and result should be beared by user. Before proceed, we highly advice user TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH (DYOR) and read our terms.

Locked LP to Get Activation Code

Before you Proceed to Get Activation Code, Please Add Liquidity in Pancakeswap

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(Note: LP Rate will reset every 1 hour)

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Our UNA Community Product

Our Review and Testimonial

Tamago Ai Daily Income

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Video Review

UNA Roadmap

  • Marketing and Increase Awareness - Complete
  • Beta Unagi Launch for Fair Community launch (No IDO) - Complete
  • 2,000 Telegram Members - Complete
  • 3,000 Twitter Members - Complete
  • First Community Project: Tamago Ai Launch in Playstore - Complete
  • Youtube Review - Complete
  • Coin Market Cap for beta Unagi - Complete
  • Dapp Radar for beta Unagi - Complete
  • for beta Unagi - Complete
  • Influencer marketing - Complete
  • Revamp website - Complete
  • Beta UNAGI migrated to UNA - Complete
  • IDO launch - (Failed)
  • Listing in Coin Market Cap
  • Listing on Coin Gecko
  • Introduce AUTO-Compound Farm with Referral Program
  • UNA Jackpot and Lucky Draw
  • 10,000 Telegram Members
  • 10,000 Twitter Members
  • 10,000 Holders
  • Audit for contracts - Complete
  • Adding features for Tamago AI (Binance AI Scalping and Quantitative Trading)
  • UNA Partnership Program
  • 30,000 Holders
  • 20,000 Telegram Members
  • 20,000 Twitter Members
  • Air Drop Event
  • Expand marketing influencer and digital marketing
  • Listing on CEX
  • More community project for community
  • Develop CeDeFI platform and Exchange
  • Third Party Audit
  • 100,000 Holders
  • Release own exchange platform with UNA CeDeFi products
  • $25K give away event to promote UNA when reach 50Million Market Cap
  • $50k Donation to charity of community choice at $200M Market Cap
  • $200k for new UNA project accelerator fund at $200M Market Cap
  • Increasing marketing
  • 50K UNAGI Meal all over the world at $500M Market Cap
  • Donate to help reduce global poverty at $1B Market Cap
  • Donate to help build food bank at $10B Market Cap
  • Adding more fund for UNA project accelerator fund
  • Adding more community projects
  • Bigger Giveaway Event around the world
  • Introducing more UNA products for community
  • Promote UNA Exchange at Singapore and adding more jobs around the world

The user hereby acknowledges and accepts that there is an inherent high risk in accessing, acquiring or using any kind of blockchain and/or crypto system, token, platform, software or interface, including UNA, and further disavows any claim of any kind against any community member directly or indirectly involved with UNA, for any damage suffered, including total loss. Use at your own risk.

UNA Contract Address: 0x7AA509D7761e35bf43B6AeB144480A19d0FEb851

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